Why Safeguard

Why Do We Need to Lock Up Prescription & Over the Counter (OTC) Drugs?
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Life

Prescription drugs have become a killer of our children and fuel the nation’s drug abuse problem, at times even more so than illegal street drugs.

Prescription drugs, which we store in our cabinets, above our microwaves, or in kitchen drawers are as dangerous as leaving guns, bullets, and alcohol out in plain sight of our children and young people. We must take steps to safeguard these items and make this a priority.

The combination of the ease of availability of prescription drugs, the strength of some of these drugs (which can be akin to heroin), and the acceptance in society of these drugs are all highly contributing factors to why our young people can and do abuse prescription medications.

Prescription drugs do lead to addiction, and in many cases can lead to substance abuse and the eventual abuse of other drugs. All of this can lead to the death of a child.

Safeguard your prescriptions now!

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