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Happy Birthday Justin in heaven!

Happy Birthday Daddy


This is Roxy.  As you know she is our mascot.  Roxy was sent to us from heaven.

Justin always wanted a bulldog named Rocco.  He would talk about this dog and how much he loved it when in fact, he never had it.  Well. I made a promise to Justin that I would get a bullie for him.  So in September of 2011, Dan Justin’s oldest brother, worked in a pet store.  He called me and said that they had a bullie that they were placing up for adoption because of some surgery that was needed and that we could have it.  WOW!!!  I almost fell on the floor.  This didnt happen!  A bulldog for free?  Crazy enough, this cute little bullie was around in May of 2011.  Dan actually sent Justin pictures of her showing her how adorable she was.  For some reason, nobody bought her!!!  This almost never happens with these dogs.  But in this case it did.  Why you ask?  Well because she was waiting to come to us.  So with a little help, from heaven and her angel, Justin, Roxy has joined our family.  Its not a Rocco, but Roxy will do.

Happy Birthday Justin!!  We love you!!